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By contacting us you will avoid all the hassle of selling your home. You won't even notice the moment you sold out your property with us!

We are not only a Real Estate office


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Sell your property quickly​
We are not a typical Real Estate. This company has been created by Expat Agency. We are a team specialised in moving people to Spain. If you need to sell quickly multi lingual exposure is the key to attract buyers. We speak fluently several languages and we know Spanish law.
We Reach A Lot Of Expats
We provide exclusive services for foreigners moving to/around Spain. All of our clients are searching for their dream home in Costa del Sol. We can guarantee you the best buyers and fast transactions at good prices for both parties. You won't regret entrusting us with the sale of your property.
Maximum Online Exposure
Did you know that over 90% of property sold overseas is found online initially? Our websites are very well positioned, so potential buyers find us. Knowledge of the latest technologies is our great advantage. Contacts with foreign investors or other real estate agencies make your property always available to a large group of potential interested parties all over the world.
High Quality Media
One picture gives more than a thousand words. Through professional photos, high-quality videos and online visits, we will give potential customers a vision of the entire property. Multi lingual marketing attracting global investors.

To Sell With Us

Before she signed with a listing agent, Todd Jones’ neighbor tried to sell her home herself. Jones is a top-selling real estate agent in Los Angeles, so he knows firsthand the hard work that goes into selling a home. After he spotted the For Sale by Owner sign across the street from his children’s school, Jones knocked on the door to check in.

“She was so exhausted, she was so sick of the showings, she was frustrated because people would make appointments and then not show up, she didn’t like to hear them say bad things about the house because she had an emotional attachment,” Jones says. “By the time I got to her she was so over it, she was ready to list and have a professional take over.”

At first, it might seem heartbreaking. Fork over 5% of my home’s sale proceeds to a total stranger? Why use a real estate agent at all?

Well, once you read through the real benefits of hiring an agent (especially when they’re the top real estate agents) you’ll see they’re worth every single penny.

Getting into the MLS Is a Goldmine for Sellers

Reason Number 1

High Roller Buyers Don’t Look at FSBO Listings

Reason Number 2

Agents, Quite Literally, Are Forced to Put You First

Reason Number 3

Your Saved Commission Money Won’t All Go to the Bank, Either

Reason Number 4

You Never Want to Be an Amateur at the Negotiating Table

Reason Number 5

You Could Be In Weird Zoning Violation, Without Even Knowing

Reason Number 6

Pricing a Home Is Like Hitting an Exact Bullseye

Reason Number 7

Marketing Is a Whole Different Ballgame Than Listing

Reason Number 8

You Want Access to a Realtor’s Buyers List

Reason Number 9

Realtors’ Rolodexes Are Filled With Star Professionals

Reason Number 10

There’s Nothing More Frustrating than Endless Paperwork

Reason Number 11

Cancel All Your Plans, You Have to Sell

Reason Number 12

There’s a Built-in Negative for FSBO Showings

Reason Number 13

Emotions Don’t Mix with a Business Transaction

Reason Number 14

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Our commission: 5%

Expat Houses also charges 5% of the sale price, but it is much more involved than any Real Estate agent/agency.

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